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Journalism Study Abroad to UGANDA

When you apply online, look for the following name of the journalism summer program: “Uganda: Media, Diversity and Governance: Summer 2010.”

Students are encouraged to submit an online application through the Office of Education Abroad.

Students will be accompanied by Dr. Yusuf Kalyango, a journalism professor and Director of the Institute for International Journalism, who will teach a tier III course.

We will only accept 30 applications by March 5, 2010 and only admit a maximum of 16 students to the summer program. You may cancel your application by March 12, if you decide not to participate in the program, but you need to have applied (secured a place) in order to be considered.

Please come to the information session in Sing Tao – Room 101, on Feb 02, at 6:00pm to learn more about the program.

All questions regarding the fees and affordability will also be addressed. We look forward to seeing you on 02/02/10.

January 16, 2010

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