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How Long, O (Land)Lord?

A grad-student-to-be phoned this week to ask how long a lease she should sign.

She begins master’s classes in fall 2010, and the question is a pressing one. Rental properties go quickly in Athens.

The answer depends on what a student has planned for the summer of 2011.

Here’s the formula:

A master’s student needs to earn 49 quarter credit hours. Six of those will be in the form of a thesis or professional project, neither of which involves attending classes. So that leaves 43 classroom credit hours.

If a master’s student takes an average of 15 credits per quarter, he or she will meet the minimum of 43 at the end of the spring quarter. (That’s 15 in fall quarter, 15 in winter, and 15 in spring.)

If the student has no plans for summer 2011, I would recommend that he or she stay in Athens during the summer after completing classroom work and use that time to complete and defend the thesis. Thus, the student starting in fall 2010 should lease through the end of August 2011.

If the student expects to be on the road doing research in the summer, or needs to go home, or start a job, then I would recommend getting a lease that extends only through the end of finals week in mid-June. Such a student would be expected to complete the thesis or project in his or her own time, and return to Athens to defend it sometime during the next six years. (Students have seven years to complete the master’s degree.)

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July 7, 2010

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