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Graduate Research Group collaborates, submits conference paper

New Scripps Professor Jatin Srivastava hit the ground running in fall 2010, forming a graduate research group that met informally to discuss issues in communication research. Out of this group emerged an collaboration that resulted in a conference paper sent off this month for possible presentation in summer.

Dr. Srivastava’s purpose was to promote and support communications research at the graduate level in the Scripps J-school.

The group had four active members through the winter quarter, resulting in the completion of a research project called “Brutal habitat: Newspaper and broadcast Websites in a converging industry.”

The project used the theories of media ecology and niche, under the umbrella theory of the firm, to examine the possible presence and type of media convergence.

Overall, says PhD student and group member Ed Simpson, “We did find a rather remarkable level of convergence, with the Websites using multimedia in similar ways and establishing a similar heirarchy in how they presented the news.”

A key difference, he says: the newspaper Websites displayed advertising more often and more prominently.

“Dr. S. devoted many hours and patiently talked the group through the project,” Simpson says. “I believe it was a positive experience for all; I know it was for me, especially aspects of both collaborative research and working with groups whose members have various levels of experience and expertise.”

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April 4, 2011

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