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IIJ director presents at forum in Saudi Arabia

by Lindsay Boyle

In early December, professor Yusuf Kalyango, director of the Institute for International Journalism, attended an annual forum of media and communications research in Saudi Arabia.

The sixth annual forum, which focused on ‘New Media: Theoretical and Practical Challenges,’ was organized by the Saudi Association for Media and Communication (SAMC) from Dec. 1- Dec. 4 at Riyadh Palace Hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. SAMC is based at the King Saud University, one of three major national universities in Saudi Arabia.

The SAMC is a pioneering academic association in media and communication that works within Saudi Arabia and in other countries in the Middle East, Asia and northern Africa. The association, in conjunction with King Saud University, annually holds training sessions, offers media and communication academic consultations, and cooperates with media organizations to develop the professional practice for the Saudi journalism and communication workforce.

Some other topics discussed during the forum included the role of Twitter on national identities and cultures, and Facebook use in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt and the United States.

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December 13, 2012

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