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World Cup coverage by JSchool students

by Robert Stewart, Director

The world has turned its attention to the games in Brazil, and so we turn our attention to ScrippsSoccer.org, featuring the work being done by nearly 20 journalism students covering the games.

Seven students were in Sao Paulo with the U.S. Soccer Federation, providing assistance for all media coverage and attending the first round games played by the U.S. Soccer team.

OU alumnus and Sao Paulo resident Julian Moura-Busquets met the students at the airport in Brazil, and continued to work with the students as they covered the games.

Former Scripps doctoral student Ashley Furrow, now an assistant professor at the University of Memphis, supervised the students’ work in Brazil.

Another 11 students were with the National Soccer Coaches Association of America on a soccer tour of western European nations with teams playing in Brazil.

Keep track of all first-round coverage at scrippssoccer.org.

June 13, 2014

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