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Ohio delays all executions until 2017 amid drug compound controversy

By: Benjamin Postlethwait

(October 22, 2015) — COLUMBUS, Ohio — Supporters of capital punishment in Ohio are at an impasse: The state cannot find a source for the necessary drugs needed for lethal injections used in executions; they cant synthesize them here in the state and they cannot legally import them from abroad.

Senate approves bill defunding Planned Parenthood

By: Dina Berliner

(October 21, 2015) — The Senate bill to defund Planned Parenthood passed today by a 23-10 vote after more than 20 people from across the state provided testimony both for and against the legislation.

Ohio Senate passes bill that would divert state funds from Planned Parenthood

By: Benjamin Postlethwait

(October 21, 2015) — COLUMBUS, Ohio — Dozens of supporters of Planned Parenthood sat, waiting in the wings, Tuesday as the Ohio Senate passed a bill that would ban state money from going to organizations that provide abortions.

A new poll shows voters aren’t aware of Ohio’s redistricting ballot issue

By: Benjamin Postlethwait

(October 21, 2015) — State issue 1, which would reform how the state draws its voting districts , continues to skirt the common pitfall of voter apathy or ignorance. Fair Districts for Ohio, the group pushing for Issue 1s passage, said that they understand that this ballot issue is not particularly interesting when compared to other issues.

Sherrod Brown denounces ‘price gouging’ on prescription drugs

By: Dina Berliner

(October 16, 2015) — Lois Fankhauser is prescribed two medications for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, a progressive illness that makes it difficult to breath.

Women hope bill will help others ‘get out while they can’

By: Benjamin Postlethwait

(October 14, 2015) — COLUMBUS — It was just over a year ago when Monica Weber Jeter was allegedly attacked by her husband Andre Jeter in her North College Hill home.

Democrats call for more extensive food assistance waivers

By: Dina Berliner

(October 13, 2015) — A decision by the Kasich administration to accept a waiver of food assistance rules for only parts of the state is getting some pushback from Democrats and poverty advocates.

Fewer food pantries serve Ohioans in need

By: Dina Berliner

(October 12, 2015) — About 40 food pantries in the state have either closed or merged since June 2014, meaning impoverished Ohioans have fewer options to get free food.

State issue 1 would change who makes decisions on state voting districts

By: Benjamin Postlethwait

(October 12, 2015) — COLUMBUS — When Ohio voters head to the polls on Nov. 3, one of three statewide issues theyll see would change who holds the pen when the state draws its voting districts.

Death-penalty opponents marching from Lucasville to Columbus

By: Dina Berliner

(October 9, 2015) — The group of death-penalty opponents were on day four of an 83-mile, weeklong journey to Columbus, where they plan to hold a rally on Saturday near the Statehouse.

Manufacturers emphasize jobs for Ohio

By: Dina Berliner

(October 9, 2015) — Manufacturing-company executives gathered on Friday to talk about how jobs can be drawn to Ohio while staying competitive nationally and abroad.

ACLU: Ohio sending mixed signals on reducing prison populations

By: Benjamin Postlethwait

(October 8, 2015) — The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio says that recent movements in the state legislature to streamline and clean up Ohios criminal laws fly in the face of the 54 bills introduced in the first six months of this legislative session that would lengthen prison sentences or create new crimes.

Ohio bill would keep info secret on domestic-violence victims

By: Dina Berliner

(October 7, 2015) — To protect themselves and keep their addresses private, survivors of domestic violence might not register a car with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles or register to vote things other people take for granted.

Major charter school reform bill passes through Ohio legislature

By: Benjamin Postlethwait

(October 7, 2015) — COLUMBUS, Ohio — After months of debate, major reforms to Ohios charter school laws are headed to Gov. John Kasich’s desk.

Report says universities in Ohio can do more to cut costs to reduce student debt

By: Benjamin Postlethwait

(October 2, 2015) — COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio’s colleges and universities can — and should — be doing more to fight back against ballooning student debt, according to a new report from Gov. John Kasichs office.

New Opportunities for Ohio Entrepreneurs

By: Katy ANderson

(October 1, 2015) — A new partnership between Google and the Secretary of States Office is working to make sure Ohio is a prime location when creating a new business.

Changes Proposed to Ohios Civil Asset Forfeiture Process

By: Katy Anderson

(October 1, 2015) — ColumbusA proposed bill would require a conviction in order for Ohios government to withhold someones property suspected to be involved in criminal activity. The bill, introduced by State Representative Robert McColley, would reform Ohios process of Civil Asset Forfeiture.

Law Enforcement Fighting Back Against Drugs and Related Crime

By: Katy Anderson

(October 1, 2015) — With drug addiction a growing epidemic across Ohio, law enforcement are seeing an increase in drug related crimes. In an effort to fight back, officers have expanded their resources to a statewide level.

Vice President Biden Speaking Out About Sexual Assaults on College Campuses

By: Katy Anderson

(October 1, 2015) — ColumbusVice President Joe Biden visited the Ohio State University Thursday evening to talk to students about the Its On Us campaign.

Local Business in the Spotlight for Promoting Healthy Living in Ohio

By: Katy Andersen

(October 1, 2015) — One local business is in the spotlight for promoting a healthy way of living to people in the Athens area. Inhale Yoga Studio was one of nine businesses featured in the Ohio Business Profile program. The program was created by Secretary of State John Husted to highlight local businesses across the state.